4 early signs of facial ageing and the best way to reduce and prevent them

When Does the Skin Start to Age?

We usually start to notice the first signs of ageing in our 20’s and they differ from person to person, depending on genetics and lifestyle. We break out the four signs of ageing that show up first and look at the best ways to prevent them:

  • Crow’s feet are the horizontal fine lines around the eyes that seem to develop overnight. The delicate eye area has the thinnest skin in our body – 40% thinner than the rest of our face – making it prone to wrinkles at an earlier stage.
  • Sun spots skipping sun protection in the past catches up to us in the form of freckles and dark spots. Sun damage starts in childhood and is cumulative over a lifetime, so UV damaged cells eventually reach the skin surface and the first ones can so subtle that can be seen only under a magnifying mirror.
  • Dullness is a result of a slowed cell-turnover. As we age, our skin takes longer to replenish itself which cause the top layer of the skin to become dull and lose its elasticity.
  • Drooping around the jaw and cheeks. Young skin gets it firm, plump look thanks to elastin and collagen which fill the space between skin cells like mortar and cement. Once the production of these compounds slows down in our late 20s, our skin begins to look less taut.
  • Read how to reduce the appearance of crow’s feet in 3 easy steps here.


What can you do to slow down the Ageing Process of Your Skin?

If the first set of fine lines and spots have appeared on your face, here is what you can do to slow them down and prevent deeper wrinkles:


  • Sun protection: sun damage accounts for 80% of visible signs of ageing. No matter how careless you’ve been in the past, get religious about it now to prevent pigmentation and wrinkles from getting worse. Oclipse Smart Tone SPF 50 provides a broad spectrum protection against UVA, UVB, HEV and I-RA light. It is ultra-lightweight and blends seamlessly into all skin tones thanks to its patented customisable colour beads.
  • Lipids replenishment: to keep your skin plump and smooth, you need to reinforce its protective barrier and protect it from hydration loss. Ommerse Overnight Recovery Crème is formulated with ceramides (waxy lipid molecules) to hydrate dehydrated skin and support skin’s natural recovery process.
  • Collagen production boost: after the age of 20,1% less collagen is produced in the dermis each year. Ossential Advanced Radical Night Repair contains 1% retinol which is the highest concentration you can find in over-the-counter products. Retinol boosts collagen production and speeds up tissue repair in the deeper layers of your skin. Ossential Advanced Radical Night Repair is formulated with antioxidants to protect your skin from free radical damage and prevent future signs of ageing.


ZO Newsletter.  9 March 2018