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Medical facials

Chemical peels

Medical microdermabrasion with skin tightening (coming soon)

Derma Pen (microneedling)

Cryo pen (liquid nitrogen)

Laser Hair removal

Laser Skin Rejuvenation

Led Light Therapy (coming soon)

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Medical Peels

Skin Analysis consultation 15 minutes free with every treatment.

Medical facials 60 minutes

Treating skin conditions such as Acne, Pigmentation, Skin Rejuvenation, Dullness, Texture and scarring.

Including a deep cleanse, exfoliation, steam, extraction, mask and DNA repairing enzymes. With complimentary hand and arm massage.

Acne facial for congested oily skin-includes extractions-sulphur mask  –  £55

Pigmentation facial – includes brightening mask.  –  £55

Rejuvenation facial for mature -dehydrated skin – includes retinol stimulating cellular renewal  –  £55

Hydration/calming facial- includes aloe hydra mask  –  £55


ZO SKIN HEALTH BY DR ZEIN OBAGI Stimulator/Hollywood peel

ZO SKIN HEALTH BY DR ZEIN OBAGI Stimulator/Hollywood peel 30 min without mask or 50 min with mask which includes hand and arm massage.

30 min £65 or 50 min £80

This peel is a gentle superficial peel, exfoliative procedure also known as the Hollywood peel and lunch time peel. Minimal discomfort and downtime to this procedure. Suitable for any skin type/colour and no skin prep conditioning to this treatment. A mix of glycolic lactic and citric acids.

Improves: rough skin texture, age spots, hyperpigmentation, fine to moderate lines and wrinkles.

A series of 3-4 peels recommended to maximise benefits 2-4 weeks apart.

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Dr Zein Obagi

Hollywood Peel 1

Hollywood Peel 2

Hollywood Peel 3



Enzyme Peel

Enzyme peel with 5% salicylic acid
30 min £45 or 50 min with mask £55

Suitable for congested oily/mild acne skins-all skin types

Treat every 2 weeks

Smooths skin surface by breaking down and removing keratinized skin cell build up. Combined with antioxidants to provide anti-inflammatory and nourishing benefits.

Salicylic 30% Peel

Salicylic 30% peel (preparation of skin with cremes 2 -3 weeks prior to peel is required and supplied with this peel)

50 min £70

Only skin types 1-3 not suitable for dark skin types-

Treats: Acne, mild Rosacea & large pores.

Glycolic 30% Peel

Glycolic 30% (prep cremes needed and supplied to use 2-4 weeks prior peel)
50 min £70

Stimulates fresher healthy cell growth. Improves appearance of ageing and photodamaged skin as well as acne. Helps smooth texture, softens lines and even skin tone.

Only suitable for skins 1-4 not on darker skin types.

Treat every 4-6 weeks.

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Jessner Medium Depth Peel

Jessner Medium Depth peel (prep cremes required to use 2 weeks prior peel)

max 4 treatments 6 weeks apart.
50 min £95

A synergy of effective acids designed to have the transformative effect, reducing the appearance of melisma, freckles and acne.  This versatile treatment creates dramatic change in the skin.

Only suitable skin types 1-4

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TCA Peel

TCA peel (only for skins used to peels and use as a step up to deeper peel, prep cremes 4-6 weeks prior to peel)
50 min £150

Improves acne scarring, texture issues, appearance of ageing skin, fine lines and enhances skin tone.

Only lighter skins 1-3 for this peel.

Max of 4 per year every 8 weeks.

Buy a course and get your 4th peel free.

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Derma Pen / Micro Needling

Prices start from  –  £100

Hands  –  £100

Face only  –  £150

Face and neck   –  £200

Face/ neck/ décolletage  –  £400

Stretch marks depending on area size from  –  £200

Hair regeneration From  –  £200


How it works

The pen is glided over the skin with microscopic channels are lightly stamped onto the skins matrix, stimulating a wound healing response with intense , renewal, repair and rejuvenation. Natural growth factors are released to stimulate reformation and deposition of fresh restructuring collagen.

The microderm needle cartridge uses electrically charged automation to revolutionise skin needling procedure on the face and body.  Unlike the derma roller, the derma pen leaves a vertical ,pinhole wound, protecting the skin against tearing, meaning less down time for the patient.

What it Treats?

Collagen induction therapy, Sun Damage, Ageing and wrinkles ,Hyper pigmentation, Rosacea, problematic skin,  Enlarged pores, Scarring, Alopecia, Hair regeneration, Striae (stretch marks).

Dermapen Face & Neck



Derma Pen Cryo

Price start from £50 for up to 4 lesions

Upto 8 lesions £90

How it works

The Derma pen cryo uses liquefied nitrous oxide, which destroys tissues by freezing the intercellular fluid ,forming ice shards and crystals that rupture the cells membrane, destroying the cells.

The ultra cold jet cuts off the blood supply during the freezing process, ensuring the patients safety during the procedure.

Because it delivers directly onto the lesion and not onto the healthy surrounding tissues, it can safely treat lesions on the face and on the delicate eye area.

What it treats?

Skin Tags, Warts, Age spots, Sun Spots, Liver Spots

Demapen Cryo