Cosmetic Medical Treatments


Dermal Fillers for lines and folds

Lip enhancement

Sculptra for facial volume

Thread lifting

Dark circles & eye bag treatment

Fat dissolving injectables

Leg vein treatment

………and much more


Permanent Makeup

Permanent Eyebrows
– Whether It’s giving you a subtle brow lift to take a few years off and enhance the eye area, replacing missing ends of your eyebrows, or simply adding hairs to sparse areas, I can create and perfectly redesign a new brow style just for you regardless of age, face shape or skin colour.

Permanent Eyeliner – Natural but noticeable Eyeliner & Eyelash Enhancement will thicken and define your natural lash line, attracting more attention to “bare” eyes. Ultra subtle, ultra pretty, I can create a look just for you. You will love 100% stay put eye makeup that will not smudge when swimming or at the Gym.

Permanent Lip Liner & Lip Blush – I can replace naturally receding lip colour with a newly perfect shape ironing out any asymmetries or imperfections to your natural lip shape subtly increasing the volume for the perfect pout. I will custom blend a colour to suit your skin tone, age range and life style. So natural, only you and I will know.

The Cosmetic Medical Professional

Dr Lucy Glancey

We are pleased to announce that we are now offering cosmetic medical treatments in our salon.


Dr Lucy Glancey is a highly skilled cosmetic Doctor with over 20 years experience and she will be providing all the medical treatments so you can be reassured you will be in safe hands.


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The Permanent Makeup Professional

Sarah Dadvar

Hi, my name is Sarah Dadvar and I’m a fully qualified, Licensed and Insured, Permanent Makeup Artist.

Over the years I developed a really good understanding of what women of all ages and skin types wanted from their makeup.

My own results were so transformational I realised I wanted to make clients feel as happy and confident as I felt, Unlike the conventional makeup that would look great but last for just a few hours I realised that the results I could achieve with permanent makeup would provide my clients with makeup that lasts and looks beautiful for many years, and the results can be life changing.

I am absolutely passionate about my work and whatever the age range or reason for permanent makeup I work with my clients on an individual basis to find a perfect natural look that we are both happy with.

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