Whether It’s giving you a subtle brow lift to take a few years off and enhance the eye area, replacing missing ends of your eyebrows, or simply adding hairs to sparse areas, I can create and perfectly redesign a new brow style just for you regardless of age, face shape or skin colour.

Lip Liner & Lip Blush

I can replace naturally receding lip colour with a newly perfect shape ironing out any asymmetries or imperfections to your natural lip shape subtly increasing the volume for the perfect pout. I will custom blend a colour to suit your skin tone, age range and life style. So natural, only you and I will know.


Natural but noticeable Eyeliner & Eyelash Enhancement will thicken and define your natural lash line, attracting more attention to “bare” eyes. Ultra subtle, ultra pretty, I can create a look just for you. You will love 100% stay put eye makeup that will not smudge when swimming or at the Gym.


Design of Your New Brows, Lips/Liner

Between the two of us we will come up with a design that complements your face, skin tone, age range, hair colour, eye colour and bone structure.  You are always completely included and have a say in the design and shape. However, if I really feel the design is going too over the top or completely wrong for you, then I will be honest and advise against it.


Everyone is different; there is no one size or style to fits all. The result can be as subtle or transformational as you like. I can create optical illusions that can take years off your face or simply give you more symmetry giving you a fresher, healthier look.


Consultation & Allergy Patch Test Procedure


I keep all my consultations an informal chat with you; we will sit down, have a tea or coffee and go through some pictures. I like you to feel as comfortable as possible and promise not to blind you with science or intimidate you by speaking in medical jargon.

I like to find out what you would really like and dislike about makeup in general. Also I like to see how you currently wear your makeup.


The Patch Test

Although all our pigments are hypoallergenic and are designed for those who have even the most severe allergic reactions to conventional makeup, I insist that you have a patch test just to be on the safe side. I will do the patch test at the consultation stage; otherwise if you are travelling from far away I can send it to you in the post with instructions. I simply scratch the skin and apply a cotton bud sized drop of pigment and anaesthetic and wait 12 hours. Providing you have no reaction (I have never had a reaction in my entire time of doing permanent makeup) I can book you in at a convenient time for both of us.

Whilst nobody has a perfectly symmetrical face, I will always use specific facial measurements to make sure the design we choose fits your face shape.

Once we are both happy with the shape we can talk about styles of pigmenting, whether you want translucent, total block or hair simulation, we will come up with a finished design to suit you and your lifestyle.

We will then discuss and choose the colour together. This is a two stage process as once I see the colour healed into your individual skin tone I will be able to tailor it even more perfectly by going lighter, darker, warmer or cooler.

All the fine detail and finishing touches are done at the second appointment.

You are involved at every stage in the process to make sure you are completely happy with your permanent makeup. The treatment normally takes between 1-2 hours;

However I never rush any procedure so always book out plenty of time so I’m never rushing your treatment. It’s more about the quality of the treatments I provide not the quantity of treatments I perform.

All pigments are designed to fade over time so as your hair colour changes, so can your eyebrow colour.

You return to me in 6 weeks so I can check that the shape and colour have healed in perfectly.


  • Dermatology
  • Medical Conditions


  • Contra-indications
  • Allergy Testing
  • Consultations, Medical History, & Aftercare


  • Colour Theory, Permanent Makeup Pigments and Colour Mixing
  • The Study of  Pigments


  • Needle Configurations
  • Machine management & Sterilisation


  • Pigmenting Guidelines for Brows, Eyes, Lips
  • Total Symmetry, Convex & Concave Faces
  • Pre Drawing & Measuring Eyebrows, Lips & Eyes
  • Natural Hair Simulation, Powdered Effect Eyebrows, Combination Effect Eyebrows and Microblading
  • Lip Liner, Natural Lip Blush & Full Lip Colour
  • Eyelash Enhancement, Safe & Simple Eyeliner Designs


Pigments on All My Clients

The colour pigments that I use have been specifically formulated through years of research and development using only the finest grades of iron oxides and lakes, the same ingredients found in make-up giants Cosmetic products.



All the pigments I use are medical grade and from the leading suppliers to the medical profession worldwide. All my pigments are hypoallergenic and are also designed for concealing imperfections on burns, scars, cancer, vitiligo, and cleft pallet patients. They have supreme colour concentration meaningless touch ups over the years.

All of my lip and eye pigments are fashioned after the top cosmetic manufacturer colours which remain true over the years. All the pigment bottles are sterile; heats sealed and tamper proof for your protection. Each one is encoded with lot numbers and expiration dates.



My Permanent Makeup Methods & Machinery

The methods, equipment & pigments for performing permanent makeup tattooing and body art tattooing are completely different.

I use only the best permanent makeup equipment with a state of the art micro-pigmentation digital power source, this is designed specifically for the face and not for body art tattooing guaranteeing clients a very soft and natural result.

The permanent makeup machine has a German engineered motor with a patented and trademarked HD needle system which means I can achieve maximum safety, optimum speed and total control.



  • The machine guarantee’s precise, efficient and consistent pigment implantation meaning minimal touch-ups required.
  • The machine is approved for worldwide permanent makeup insurance,
  • The machine is approved by worldwide health authorities and complies with worldwide sterilisation guidelines.

The power of the machine means procedure time is reduced by up to 50% compared with the old fashioned rotary permanent makeup machines, less needle speed is required resulting in less trauma to the skin and less discomfort for you.  You will therefore leave with no bleeding, no bruising, minimal (if any) swelling – just fabulous permanent makeup which will fade and heal into a natural colour within 4 or 5 days, not weeks or months.

The silicone gasket technology seals off the motor compartment completely which eliminates pigment and fluid back flow ensuring a smooth and safe result.

The machine is designed with microchip digital technology increasing procedure efficiency. The microchip regulates the speed guaranteeing the needle depth at any speed depositing pigment into the skin allowing for a quicker, safer, longer lasting and more beautiful permanent makeup procedure.